Le Chameau Sandre Waders

The new Sandre chest-height waders are a high end lightweight boot-foot wader made from a flexible fabric with the use of a rubber boot with iron filing reinforced sole for improved grip.

Le Chameau
£380.00 (£316.67+VAT)


Le Chameau's Sandre chest height wader comes equipped with everything you need for a comfortable, dry adventure. Fully waterproof and refreshingly breathable, the Sandre wader offers comfort and functionality.

Five layers of fabric on the leg section provides excellent perforation and penetration resistance, along with heat management in the submerged section of the wader. Four fabric layers on the upper section offer increased flexibility and ease of movement. Practicality comes in the form of a sizeable watertight chest pocket and a water-repellent inside pocket. A drawstring at the top of the waders works with the shoulder straps to keep the waders high and tight around the chest and an adjustable belt allows the waders to be easily turned into trousers.

The Le Chameau Sandre waders feature the Le Chameau River sole reinforced with iron filings, providing increased grip and the Jersey lining, offering a polyester weft and cotton warp, giving you a textile that follows the foot, mimicking even the smallest foot movements.

  • Breathable linings allow for airflow in the waders
  • Iron filings in the sole add grip
  • Watertight chest pocket
  • Adjustable belt & drawstring for a close fit
  • Perforation resistant legs


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