Viroblock Antiviral Face Mask

Viroblock Antiviral Face Mask is a revolutionary new face mask which traps and kills viruses on contact. It is unique as it is the only face mask proven to kill both viruses and bacteria on contact. Sold in a pack of 25 individually packaged masks. Viroblock is a brilliant defense against bird flu, not only to prevent infection, but also to prevent spread.

Pack Size
From £78.00 (£65.00+VAT)


The Viroblock Antiviral Face Mask is an immediate kill antiviral mask which kills and traps viruses with no contact time necessary. The patented antiviral design of Viroblock kills both bacteria and viruses immediately. Each Viroblock mask is individually sealed and is sold in a pack of 25 masks.

Each Viroblock mask lasts for up to 8 hours and is self sanitising.

The Viroblock Antiviral face mask works to protect both the wearer from breathing in viruses and the environment from any infection that the wearer may have.

Viroblock technology works to capture cholesterol from the viral envelope to inactivate viruses and block infection on contact. The Viroblock Antiviral Face Mask features a unique cyclodextrin and non-phospholipids coating which works to immediately inactivate viruses.

  • One product to meet all your respirator needs
  • Immediate kill, no activation time required
  • Protects against avian flu (H5N1 and H7N9)
  • Long lasting for up to 8 hours use
  • Perfect mask to prevent the spread of bird flu

Available as both FFP2 and FFP3 respirator masks.

Test Organism % Reduction
Influenza H1N1 (Strain/Source: A/California/04/09) 99.9995
Influenza H5N1 (Strain/Source: Charles Rivers Lab) 99.9990
Influenza H7N9 (Strain/Source: CDC/2013 Epidemic) 99.9943
Human Coronavirus (Strain/Source: Strain 229E) 99.9968
Staphylococcus Aureus (Strain/Source: ATCC#6538) >99.99*
Human RSV (Strain/Source: Microbac) 99.9369

*There were no detected bacteria