Polyco Polyflex Ultra Work Glove

The Polyco Polyflex Ultra utilises a blend of polyurethane and nitrile which maximises grip, especially in oily conditions, making it perfect for medium to heavy oil operations as well as automotive work.

£2.52 (£2.10+VAT)


The Polyco Polyflex Ultra work glove provides excellent grip in wet or oily conditions due to its unique blend of polyurethane and nitrile in its foam coating. This blend also means that the Polyflex Ultra is more resistant to oils and the degrading effect that they can have on safety gloves.

The Polyflex Ulta work glove utilises the tough and rugged properties of polyurethane with the tensile strength of the nitrile to ensure superb protection from abrasion and a long life-span. Additionally, the flexible nature of the Polyflex Ultra allows the wearer remarkable dexterity. The lightweight nylon lining of the Polyflex safety glove is soft and breathable, so hands stay comfortable.

The Polflex Ultra is perfect for tasks such as

  • Parts Assembly
  • Engineering Work
  • Oil Operations
  • Machine Operation
  • Construction & Groundwork
  • Carpentry
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