Slaymor Bait Bags 120pcs 50g Bags

£30.85 (£25.71+VAT)



Slaymor Bait Bags are a highly palatable, ready to use bait, sealed in individual 50g sachets. Ideal for throwing into hard-to-reach areas, such as loft spaces, where loose bait wouldn't be effective, or scattered too easily.


Designed to kill rats, mice and warfarin resistant rodents. Active ingredient is the second generation anti-coagulant bromadiolone.


Tub of 120 bags


Please note:

In accordance with the latest directive from the HSE, we require a certificate of proof of competence or proof of farm assurance scheme membership, to purchase quantities of rat bait in excess of 1.5Kg. A proof of competence certificate is obtained through a formal qualification and is part of the new legislation as of 1st June 2016, to protect non-target species from the use of rodenticides. Upon placing your order, you will receive an email from a member of our staff with instructions on how to provide us with this information.