RATSRX0315 - Neosorexa Gold, 6kg



Neosorexa Gold uses FortecTM technology to improve palatability, through the use of foraging grains. The different sizes, textures and flavours of the grains used, provides a more appealing bait to rodents, increasing the effectivity of Neosorexa Gold baits.

The Neosorexa Gold 6Kg tub is a loose bait designed to be used along rat runs, or down rat holes. For effective application, check for runs along walls and rat holes, especially close to water sources. Droppings and tracks in dust can indicate the presence of rodents also.

For use with rats:

Place 100g-200g of bait in dry locations within the infested area, near burrows or runways and where droppings are visible. Outdoors, rat baits should be covered in such a way so as to prevent access to the bait by children or other animals and birds. Covers can be made using off cuts of drain pipe or sheets of metal and wood.

For use with mice:

Place 20g-30g of bait 1-2 metres apart where there are signs of activity such as mouse droppings, bite marks or tracks. Again, ensure bait is inaccessible by children and other animals and birds. Inspect frequently and replace bait until bait is no longer taken.


Please note:

In accordance with the latest directive from the HSE, we require a certificate of proof of competence or proof of farm assurance scheme membership, to purchase quantities of rat bait in excess of 1.5Kg. A proof of competence certificate is obtained through a formal qualification and is part of the new legislation as of 1st June 2016, to protect non-target species from the use of rodenticides. Upon placing your order, you will receive an email from a member of our staff with instructions on how to provide us with this information.