Selden Triple Advanced Scrubber Dryer

Selden Triple Advanced Scrubber Dryer is a low foam, super strength detergent that can remove even the toughest grime.

5 Litre
£8.40 (£7.00+VAT)


Selden Triple Advanced Scrubber Dryer is designed to be used with scrubber dryer machines and is ideal for cleaning large warehouses thanks to its rapid grease cutting action. Selden Triple is unperfumed, so it can be safely used in food storage areas without tainting food.

Selden Triple is suitable for all heavy duty scrubber dryer machines and for general machine scrubbing. The low foaming formulation of Selden Triple is specially designed for use in suction dryers, meaning they will not clog or block.

  • For heavy duty scrubbing and stripping, use 1 part Selchem Triple to 10 parts hot water
  • For maintenance cleaning, use 1 part Selchem Triple to 80 parts water
Appearance Clear liquid
Colour Blue
pH >13.5
Fragrance Odourless
Stability Stable below 0°C