Selden Selpine Disinfectant

Selden Selpine Disinfectant provides powerful disinfection while killing smells and malodours leaving a fresh pine scent.

5 Litre
£4.20 (£3.50+VAT)


Selden Selpine Disinfectant is made with a broad spectrum quaternary biocide and is compliant with BS 6471 Grade Q.A.P. 30, meaning it can handle any general disinfection tasks. Selden Selpine Disinfectant is designed for use as a general disinfectant for hospitals, schools nursing homes offices and factories, perfect for use on floors, walls and drains.

Selden Selpine Disinfectant is not suitable for use in food preparation and service areas.

  • For general cleaning, use 1 part Selden Selpine to 30 parts water
  • For drains, toliets and waste pipes use neat
  • For washing hard surfaces, use 1 part Selden Selpine to 100 parts water
  • For air purification, use 1 part Selden Selpine to 60 parts water
Appearance Clear liquid
Colour Green
pH 6.0 - 7.5
Fragrance Pine
Stability 2 years in an unopened container