Selden Selosol All Purpose Degreaser

Selden Selosol All Purpose Degreaser, free from solvents, acids and caustics with a powerful degreasing action.

Kitchen Cleaner
5 Litre
£7.44 (£6.20+VAT)


Selden Selosol All Purpose Degreaser is a multi purpose degreaser free from solvents, acids or caustics, providing an excellent degreasing action. Selden Selosol All Purpose Degreaser is odourless, meaning it will not taint foodstuffs which makes it ideal for cleaning food preparation areas. Selden Selosol emulsifies cooking oils and animal fats, providing a powerful clean.

  • For heavy duty degreasing, use 1 part Selden Selosol to 10 parts water
  • For general cleaning, use 1 part Selden Selosol to 40 parts water
  • For damp mopping, use 1 part Selden Selosol to 100 parts water

Selden Selosol is suitable for cleaning floors, walls and any other water washable surfaces

Appearance Opaque liquid
Colour Yellow
pH 10.4 - 11.2
Fragrance Odourless
Stability 2 years in an unopened container