Selden Selalite Descaler And Aluminium Cleaner

Selden Selalite Descaler And Aluminium Cleaner is an aluminium cleaner and industrial scale remover designed to leave surfaces and equipment looking clean, fresh and bright.

Kitchen Cleaner
5 Litre
£9.62 (£8.02+VAT)


Selden Selalite Descaler is specially formulated with an advanced blend of acids and surfactants designed to cut through grime and scale on aluminium and aluminium alloy surfaces. Selden Selalite is also suitable for the removal of scale from kitchen equipment without tainting anything.

  • For general cleaning, use 1 part Selden Selalite to 5 parts water
  • May be used neat for very stubborn cleaning
  • Do not allow Selden Slealite to dry onto the surface
Appearance Clear liquid
Colour Colourless
pH <1
Fragrance Light acidic
Stability 2 years in an unopened container at ambient temperatures