Selden Heavy Duty Degreaser

Selden Heavy Duty Degreaser is an aluminium safe degreaser with powerful detergents allowing it to slice through grease and fats with ease.

Kitchen Cleaner
5 Litre
£9.34 (£7.78+VAT)


Selden Heavy Duty Degreaser is designed to emulsify animal fats, grease, blood and protein with ease, making kitchen cleaning quick and simple. Selden Heavy Duty Degreaser contains detergents which are designed specifically for powerful cleaning.

Selden Heavy Duty Degreaser is suitable for floors, walls, drains, gullies and canopies. The odourless nature of Selden Heavy Duty Degreaser means that it can be used safely in food preparation and storage areas without tainting.

  • For floors, use 1 part Heavy Duty Degreaser to 40 parts water
Appearance Clear liquid
Colour Orange
pH >12
Fragrance Odourless
Stability 2 years in an unopened container