Selden Bleach 5 Litre

Selden Bleach kills germs and disinfects on almost every hard surface. Ideal for drains and toilets.

£4.20 (£3.50+VAT)


Selden Bleach is Selden's standard strength bleach which is designed to be effective against a wide array of pathogens and is suitable for most general disinfecting tasks. Selden Bleach is designed to eliminate foul odours at their source, keeping toilets and drains smelling clean.

  • For general disinfection, use 1 part Selden Bleach to 80 parts water
  • For toilets and drains, use neat
Appearance Clear liquid
Colour Pale green/yellow
pH >12
Fragrance Characteristic of chlorine
Stability 6 months

Bleach can be damaging to fabrics and other common materials, handle with care.

Do not use on metal surfaces such as stainless steel or chrome.