Selden Act Original Toilet Cleaner

Selden Act Original Toilet Cleaner is a concentrated toilet cleaner which powers through limescale.

Bathroom Cleaner
From £2.10 (£1.75+VAT)


Selden Act Original Toilet Cleaner is a stainless steel safe toilet cleaner suitable for both ceramic and stainless steel toilets and urinals. Selden Act Original Toilet Cleaner is formulated to be viscous to cling longer and provide a much more thorough clean. The acidic nature of Selden Act Original means that it is the perfect tool for cutting through limescale, even under the toughest conditions.

Selden Act Original Toilet Cleaner is also suitable for hard surfaces which are not acid sensitive.

  • for use on toilets and urinals, use Selden Act Original neat and apply even under the rim, leave for 15 minutes before brushing and flushing
  • for use on hard surfaces, use 1 part Selden Act Original to 40 parts water, wash surface thoroughly and then rinse
Appearance Clear liquid
Colour Royal Blue
Viscosity 400 Cps
pH <1
Fragrance Fresh modern bouquet
Stability 2 years in an unopened container at ambient temperatures