Milk Bar Single Calf Bucket Feeder

The Milk Bar Single Calf Bucket Feeder is an easy and simple way to feed individually penned calves with a single bucket feeder of milk.

£31.13 (£25.94+VAT)


The Milk Bar Single Calf Bucket Feeder is the ideal feeder for individually penned suckling calves, it has a large 3 litre capacity, which is more than enough milk to properly feed a small calf. The Milk Bar allows you to easily feed your young stock and provide them with all the nutrients they need to develop as a healthy animal.

The Milk Bar is made of a strong plastic which is durable enough to be left in a calf pen without the risk of being damaged by more energetic calves. The Milk Bar can be attached to 25mm rails or 40 mm rails, so it can be used in most pens with standard gates.