WireFires "The Furness" Woven Fire Pit

WireFires Fire Pits are the perfect choice for those long summer evenings spent outdoors and are a brilliant feature in any garden.

£180.00 (£150.00+VAT)


WireFires Woven Fire Pits are the original woven fire pit designed and made in the UK by skilled craftsmen with years of experience in the steel fabrication industry. 

The WireFires "The Furness" Woven Fire Pit is robustly made with 12mm solid round bars and 11mm wire rope treated with heat resistant paint and lightly oiled for years of use. The steel construction of WireFires Fire Pits means they weather gracefully as they gradually oxidise and turn a deep autumn colour with time.

The Furness Woven Fire Pit has a diameter of 540mm, a height of 360mm and weighs 30kg.